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1.Tell us a few words about your studies.

I studied Political Sciences and Public Administration in Athens University even if this was not my own choice. I did not follow the career of a Political Scientist because it does not express me, but Politics as science particularly influenced me in the way of thought through Greek philosophy and especially Aristotle that was one of the best teachings for me. I learned that a person should observe nature and deepen in the mysteries of creation of the world. Also I learned that all things are interrelated and influencing each other and hence the knowledge should be universal as possible and not partial. This made me to want to deepen my knowledge in almost all subjects.

2. How it resulted from Political Sciences that you studied, you to be found completely accidentally in the Art of painting?

I always was interested in Arts and particularly in painting. During my studies I used to make jewels and this brought me closer to Art that constituted for me a dream. I wanted to be able to go to a place and paint it. To be able to feel it, to see the world that is hidden in it and express it with colours. Much later I had the opportunity to follow painting courses and thus to achieve my dream.

3. What means for you Art?

For me, Art is beauty. It is the creation of a pleasant world that would also show the internal forces that are hidden in matter. The aim is the creation of a pleasant sentiment or the reflection and introspection with regard to the world that surrounds us. Also the exaltation of spirit constitutes for me one of the fundamental reasons for the existence of Art. For example looking a painting must cause an uplift, awe, reflection and admiration to the beauty of the universe. I do not like to show ugly or negative aspects of life because this we have in abundance in our times. Specifically the information media show particularly this side and I believe that there exists a need for showing beauty and the pleasant aspects of life in order to achieve a balance.

4. What is the pole of attraction of your subjects?

I am Interested in showing the visible and invisible world of the universe with its various forces as well as the reasons that led to its creation.

5. What was the reason for your interest for astronomy?

The questions that I had with regards to the mysteries and the creation of the universe pushed me to deal with astronomy. Not of course that you find some answer on the contrary as long as more you learn so more you discover how little or nothing you know.

6. From where you have been influenced?

Especially our life experiences are what play decisive role in our choices, however I have been influenced also much by religion and by Greek philosophy Archaeology and Astronomy.

7. Where did you discover these rare stones that you use in your work?

Having the habit to observe closely things, I found these pebbles in a place called “Petra tou Romiou” the legendary birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite.


8. And what is their characteristics of uniqueness

These pebbles are the expression of the fractal nature of the universe.They are unique and their resemblance is partial in various scales. They have something self similar that gives an embossed structure in the work and makes it unprecedented and impossible to copy. In each pebble is portrayed a microcosm that constitutes a small part of the entire work making it multidimensional and unique. The beauty is thus expressed in an infinite variety and complexity.

9. What does the element of Stone in your work means for you?

The Stones in my work corresponds to something constant and eternal and the microcosm they portray is connected with the macrocosm and the Universe, with the planets or stars that express the variety and complexity of the universe created from the beauty of nature or Aphrodite that is the Goddess of beauty. Thus I have made some of the 88 Constellations according to the Astronomical charts and each pebble corresponds to a star. Also I have made paintings showing the position of planets according to the date of birth of an individual.

10. What inspires you in your personal style?

Everything inspires me that has a relation with the universe and its creation but also the beauty that is hidden in it. Also the non linear dynamics inspires me also known as theory of chaos because the basic teaching of self-similarity in various scales like snowflakes and the pebbles that I use. The interpretation and the discovery of natural laws and invisible forces and their chromatic depiction. Also the contact with matter and her observation from various optical corners inspires me as well as the unprincipled and intuitive connection with light and the world that surrounds us.

11. Beyond painting what are our interests?

I like reading, gardening, photography and to listen music. However I am interested in working with the computer through which I can learn anything which is of interest to me.

12. Who are your beloved authors?

My beloved authors I would say are Aristotle, Plato, Aristophanes, Kazantzakis and Dostoyevsky.

13. Where do you like to travel?

The question is not where I like to travel but where I can travel. I would like to have the possibility of travelling in space in order to know the various forms that exist beyond our Earth. To experience the beauty of the universe expressed in its infinite varieties.

14. You have made any exhibitions of your work?

I have made various group and individual exhibitions. First individual was in 2005 in the Hotel Hilton in Nicosia and second was this year in the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Germasogeia.

Also I have a website where I show part of my work. Samples of my work are also presented in a website of scientific content of the Greek Experimental Physicist Mr Michael Lahanas.

Samples of my work are shown in the websites and of

15. What is your personnel motto?

My personnel motto is something that I learned from astronomy and I like it because it is very optimistic and says that “everything is possible”.

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